poniedziałek, 29 sierpnia 2011

I've abandoned my blog for a while as the time is not good for me now. In the meantime a lot of things happened. There's no use to mention the bad ones, so I'll show you all the recent and more past good stuff.

I got an award from Kamarek - thank you very much for it, however I'm not gonna pass it further (pls forgive me for doing this).

What's more I had a great suprise also form Kamarek - have a look at these lovely postcard, bookmark and a calendar! Thank you sooo much!!!

And the last but not least, my swap with SOFIJA. I'd fallen in love with the toy she made for my baby- and I called her The Anteater (I mean the toy, not my baby;)

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ZUzanna pisze...

Gratuluję wyróżnienia :)
A Anteater- prześliczny! Też bym się zakochała... :D